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Promotion: Staying Ahead of the Competition

Promotion, or advertising, can take many forms and styles. Since the last half of the twentieth century, mass marketing techniques have dominated the market and even become somewhat overwhelming. Since the 1990's, with the growth of computer technology, marketing professionals are showing renewed appreciation for direct marketing to targeted prospects. Neither approach is right or wrong and neither 'beats' the other.

Use print or broadcast media to send your message to a large group of people. It's especially appropriate when a large percentage of the audience needs your product or service and your sales proposition is relatively simple. Even with mass marketing techniques it is necessary to target your market in order to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Imagine your prospect thanking you for your advertisement. Something as simple as a letter opener or baseball cap is usually all it takes. Not only is your little gift appreciated, it's kept and used for years. Direct marketing's cost per impression is higher; but, because recipients are carefully screened and qualified, usually via a face to face meeting, it's much more efficient than mass marketing.

Which gives you more bang for the buck? It depends upon your goal and situation. Mass marketing and target marketing are both effective tools when properly applied.