WonderMedia: Printing, Promotion, Branding


Print Products

for Office

Stationary - Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Greeting Cards

Forms - Invoices, Business Checks, Laser Forms, Multi-Part Forms

Folders, Tab Sets, Labels, Signs and Banners

for Marketing

Sales Sheets & Brochures, Catalogs, Stickers, Postcards, Direct Mail, Point-Of-Purchase, Signs & Banners, Presentation Folders, Technical Handouts, Tickets, Coupons, Certificates, Greeting Cards, Invitations

for Packaging

Bags, Boxes, Ribbon, Tape, Labels, Tags, Instructions & Manuals, Inserts, Signs & Banners

for Sharing

Books, Greeting Cards

Nothing's Quicker than a Sticker

Put away the branding irons, just keep plenty of stickers on hand. They're the quickest and easiest way to mark something with your brand.

Often just your logo and telephone number is enough to get your message across. A small sticker you can stick just about anywhere: on gifts, envelopes, folders, office equipment, theater tickets, etc...

Larger designs can convey greater messages and qualify for the lofty title of 'label'. By any name, die cut printed messages with adhesive backing are available with virtually any printing technique, substrate, shape and adhesive material: the most common choices being A) indoor or outdoor use, B) paper or vinyl material, and C) permanent or removeable adhesive.